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With you in mind, we have select some hotels, lodges, and camp in Tanzania, taking into account their services, but also their location, the view they offer, the atmosphere, …

But what is the difference between the 3 types of accommodation?

Here are OUR definitions (which only binds us!):

  • A hotel consist in one or more main buildings gathering all the rooms. For sure the most classic, but also the safest option when you have never been on safari.
  • A safari lodge has rooms that are, often individually, sometimes in pairs, in bungalows that can be made of stone, wood or canvas. This is more typical, and still very secure.
  • A (tented) camp is a set of luxury tents (by opposition to camping tents), each with a bedroom and its own private bathroom. This is for those who are willing to experience the nature day and night (yes, at night, the nature is much alive, and sleeping in a tent, you’ll hear all its magic sounds!), with most of the modern commodities though. Mobile camps are the more rustic version of tented camps, with often non ensuite bathrooms.

If we do offer a wide range of accommodation, from the very simple (but clean and correct) to the top luxury one, we are always trying to find the right one for each traveler, as we are all different, with different needs and different wishes.

You’ll find here the hotels, lodges and camps we are using most regularly, but this list is not exhaustive, and if you have any preference for your safari, please let us know, and we’ll consider it when creating your itinerary.